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[DeleGate-En] delegate as ezproxy
14 May 2005 04:45:51 GMT "James Brooks" <>

We (Berea College) would like to use delegate as an alternative to
ezproxy but there are some problems we are having.

1.)	first I have delegate running on a localmachine called X
		With X using this command line.
		Delegate.exe -f -v -P81 ADMIN=test@berea..
PERMIT="*:*:*" RELAY=proxy,delegate
		Now in my X web browser I use the following url
		And this works fine on X machine, but if I try this same
url from any other machine on my network I get the following.

		Forbidden by delegate on 'X:81' 
		Tried from Y:3020 to
		Reason: NO RELAY=delegate

		What am I doing wrong?

2.)	Next problem is really weird.  If I use the following url on
machine X delegate will return an error:
		url =
		here is the error:

		URL is Unknown or in Syntax Error
		Your request:

		And the url in the browser is re-writen to this:

		when the url should have been this:

		For some reason the -_- is
gone from the url when it is redirect by the site.
We have noticed this on several sites that use a java based redirect.
		Any help here would be great. Thanks.

James Brooks
Network Engineer
Berea College

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