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[DeleGate-En] SSL_PROXY: It's easy, but i can't make it!!! please help me
05 May 2005 14:51:23 GMT Carlos Teijeiro <>


I'm a spanish student making a fucking practice for the university
(sorry, i'm so tired at this moment). The teacher wants to make the
	- Webserver to proxy in no-ssl mode
	- Proxy to client in a ssl mode

		       no-ssl	           ssl	     

Searching in internet i found the delegate proxy and i found it very
interesting for the practice. The steps i follow to try make the
practice was:
	- Install delegate9.0.1 (i work on a old red hat 7.2)
	- install ssleay
	- create certificates with openssl and copy them into DGROOT/lib/
	- The machine with delegate have two network interfaces (x.x.x.x and
	- Run delegate with the next instruction:
		./delegated -v -P8080 -f SERVER=http STLS=fcl
	- Configure client machine with the ip 10.10.10.x and gw
	- Configure client browser to work with proxy and port 8080

Finally....this doesn't work :(  I try to change many things, but the
result was the same (don't works).

Somebody have idea why it fails?

Thanks, and sorry for my poor english
PS: The practice is for tomorrow. be quickly pease :p

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