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[DeleGate-En] delegate tcp handshake over persistent connection?
25 Apr 2005 00:09:13 GMT Tom Hansen <>

Hi, I'm using delegate to try to setup a persistent connection(Pcon) over a
delayed link for improved performance. The quick question is can delegate be
setup to send data on initial connection establishment? 

Detailed question, using the example tcprelay as a guide:

hostX% delegated SERVER=sockmux://hostY:9000 PORT=hostX:4567
hostY% delegated SERVER=sockmux -PhostY:9000 DEST=hostY:3128

This will forward any connections on hostX:4567 through the Pcon to hostY:9000
to forward to a squid proxy also on hostY:3128. When looking at a packet dump
of a browser proxying to hostX:4567, I see the TCP connections on the local
sides(browser for hostX and squid for hostY) being spoofed(immediate 3 way
handshake), which is good. I also see what looks like a connection
establishment over the Pcon before data is sent. So it looks like even though
TCP connections are spoofed, the handshake semantics(2way, PSH/ACK and ACK) are
still in place. As far as 3way handshake is concerned, delegate at least in
this configuration, is only slightly faster by 1 trip. How I'd like it to
operate is for the local client connections to be spoofed but also connection
establishment through the Pcon only happen with first data, 2way handshake with

There appears to be a dizzying array of modes and options to delegate and I'm
hoping what I'm looking already works in delegate but in a different
configuration than I'm using. Maybe instead of a generic tcp relay perhaps
using a HTTP specifc mode or using a master configuration to indicate a
delegate to delegate relay and use some intra-delegate connection optimization.
If it helps, the use is exactly as in this example, it's being used to
accelerate a delayed link for a browser and HTTP proxy(squid). 

BTW I'm impressed by the apparent wide ranging capability of this proxy. 


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