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08 Apr 2005 10:30:07 GMT <>


I have a problem setting up delegate with sslway.
We want to connect via HTTP direct to the proxy and
the proxy should manage the certificate and password, and forward my
connection to an HTTPS server.
I start delegate with the following parameters:

/root/delegate8.11.1/src/delegated -vvd CACHE=no \
ADMIN="root@localhost" SERVER=http -P8080 \
MOUNT="/directory/* https://some_ssl_server/directory/*" \
DGROOT="/usr/local/netaccess" LOGDIR="/var/log/delegate" \
HTTPCONF=session PROTOLOG=":%s %X" \
FSV="/usr/local/netaccess/lib/sslway -cert
/usr/local/netaccess/lib/test.pem -pass pass:xxxxx"

The problem is how to set up the cookie handling transparent,
so that every cookie from the server side reaches the client
and vice versa.

Best regards,


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