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[DeleGate-En] DeleGate SSL
13 Aug 1998 14:26:50 GMT "J.Francois" <>
MagusNet Inc. Design * Develop * Integrate

I have been using DeleGate
as a Public Proxy since September 1997.
Thank you Yutaka Sato for a great tool!

My question is:

SSL - The client<--->proxy part works fine.
      However, as a relay proxy it does not rewrite
      the HTML to HTTPS so it fails on some WWW pages.
      If you go to
      you will get a good SSL connection but will not be able to navigate
      any of the other Yahoo pages. If you look at the document source
      all of the links are rewritten as http:// instead of https://
      Browsers ( Netscape 4.05 US on Linux 2.0.34/Win95/Solaris 2.5.1 )
      SSL only works with SSLV2. SSLV3 fails.
      I am using SSLeay-0.9.0b and DeleGate-5.6.0

      Let me know if there are patches planned for these 
      things in the near future.

Otherwise things work great!
Thanks again.

JLF Sends...

It's all in the header. What have you given back to the Internet???
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