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[DeleGate-En] Using Delegate Proxy to connect to Upstream Proxy and using Authentication
06 Dec 2004 10:37:01 GMT Tapish Kumar <>

I am trying to access an UPSTREAM PROXY(non-delegate) using the DELEGATE Proxy. I am using the following command : 
delegated -P8005 SERVER=http AUTHORIZER="-list{test:test123}" PROXY= PERMIT="http:*:*" +OWNER root +DGROOT /root/delegate/
I use a client browser ( Internet Explorer) to access this proxy . I do get a prompt to Authenticate the Delegated proxy. After keying in the same , I receive one more prompt to connect to the Upstream Proxy . After I enter the required aunthentication I get amessage saying " not able to connect to the required proxy using Delegate.
I then remove the AUTHORIZER param and restart the DELEGATE..The Proxy then works fine.. What should be done now?
Can somebody help? Thanks in Advance

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