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[DeleGate-En] New to delegated :)
01 Dec 2004 19:12:16 GMT "Lorenzo Lolli" <>


I've found your interesting project today, and I've started to learn how it 
works, it is really usefull!
But I have some question about it, I hope someone can help me.
I would like to use delegated to let my users make ldap query in transparent 
mode, use two delegated server or one delegated and one socks server.

I'm trying to explain better:
client ask to default router for ldap://
the router intercept the call with iptables and redirect to delegated on the 
same server (1)
Server 1 (with delegated), ask to another server (2) with socksd (dante) to 
connect to internet and retrieve ldap:// and 
return to the delegated server than to the users.

this is "detailed graphic" about my needs:

So I've tryed some command like
./delegated ADMIN="someone@somewhere.." -P1090 SERVER=ldap 
SOCKS=ip_address_of_my_socks_server:1080 -f

And my socks server reports some error. Do you think it is possible to use 
delegated as a transparent ldap proxy? Can you please help me?

Thank you for your work.

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