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[DeleGate-En] Audio/Video MSN+delegate ?
26 Nov 2004 08:17:00 GMT "Fagerlund Robin" <>


Do you have any idéa of how to make a video conference work with MSN and delegate? (or other free video conference software that can be used with delegate) 

This is what I've tried.

On a windows PC behind a firewall I created a TCP relay that forwards to a delegate SOCKS server outside the firewall. And I secure the relay with SSLway. 

I noticed the built in socks support in MSN doesn't use the socks server for audio/video, so I run MSN through Permeos Security Driver instead. So that all traffic is sent via the delegate SOCKS server.

I login fine with MSN but are unable to establish an audio/video conference, on the socks server I get this error:

"FATAL inherited handle[0] 1868 is not socket"

I feel that I cant really enable the video/conference functionality for our users in a secure way with out a proxy like delegate.

Thankful for any tips and ideas regarding this.


Robin Fagerlund
EssNet AB

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