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[DeleGate-En] Help Required for delegate
12 Nov 2004 19:01:07 GMT TEJAS VORA <>


We are developing a gateway product. As a part of
our gateway we want to implement the transparent proxy for the TCP
based protocols FTP, HTTP, TELENET, HTTPS and SSH. There are couple of
products and tools available for this but they do not fulfill all the
requirements we need.

While surfing the NET I found the DELEGATE - and I am writing this
mail regarding couple of questions for DELEGATE - Hope you would
answer me on that and help me to choose DELEGATE for our gateway.

1. We would like to setup a Transparent proxy for the FTP, HTTP,
TELENET, SSH and HTTPS - does delegate support this?

2. Our gateway seats between client and servers. We would like that
when client contacts the server - and the request passes through our
gateway - the Source IP do not change as all the server requires IP
authentication. Does delegate support this?

3. Also, we would like to support the Caching for the HTTP and FTP
protocols. Does delegate support this or it provide4s any integration
with caching software such as squid?

4. Also, we are running our gateway on Brdige mode (by - does delegate run on brdige mode also?

5. Also, we would like to support at a time 1000 clients connections.
Does delegate provides support for concurrent 1000 connections with
efficient performance?

Based on these things we would like to choose DELEGATE as one of the
software in our gateway product. Hope you will answer my questions as
soon as possible. So our company can make a decision to choose

If DELEGATE does not provide all these functionality - then can you
please kindly le me know is there any free/commercial product
available which provides these functionalities?

Looking forward to your kind support.

Thank You,
Tejas Vora
IST Center
Aliso Viejo, CA, USA

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