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[DeleGate-En] I need DG to close remote connection IMMEDIATELY after local client has disconnected
12 Nov 2004 11:50:43 GMT Max Loginov <>


Thank you for such a useful tool, it is very powerful and flexible.
But there is a little problem I cannot solve. Because of that problem
your tool doesn't suit me completely.
I hope that the problem is solvable anyway, but I need your assistance.

I use your tool to arrange tunneling tcp requests through remote SSL proxy.
Moreover I use very quick broadband internet connection.

I start DG this way:

delegated.exe -P22443 -r SERVER=tcprelay:// SSLTUNNEL= CACHE=no TIMEOUT=takeover:1
delegated.exe -P11080 -r SERVER=https SSLTUNNEL= CACHE=no TIMEOUT=takeover:1

First, I directly tunnel local tcp port 22443 to remote server through SSL

Second, I need single multi-purpose local HTTPS proxy my applications
(such as browser) could connect to. All their requests should be redirected to
remote SSL proxy and then through it to the resource requested.
I arrange local HTTPS proxy at port 11080.

I do not need any cache on both channels.

When local clients connect to DG through ports mentioned above, it's
ok. DG establishes further connection with SSL proxy in both cases and
starts SSL tunneling of raw TCP traffic (first service) and tunneling
of HTTP requests (second service).

The quite annoying problem occurs when local client disconnects from
DG. After that DG doesn't break connection with remote proxy and keeps
downloading data! Setting up CACHE and TIMEOUT values didn't help,
'cause I need DG to disconnect from remote server IMMEDIATELY after
the client has disconnected without receiving any extra data!

I pay for incoming traffic a lot and I cannot allow any extra data to
be downloaded. The connection is very quick, so the amount of data
downloaded during "takeover" timeout can be large.

In fact it seems to me that "takeover" parameter doesn't have any
influence on the actual time the connection keeps alive. The actual
time is always about 5 seconds...

But I don't need to tune up these timeouts!
I need a very simple thing, to make DG to close any remote connection
IMMEDIATELY after the local client has disconnected.

Well, that's all :)


I will be VERY grateful for any help or advice!

Best regards,

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