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[DeleGate-En] Disable Socks without authentication
08 Nov 2004 08:10:19 GMT Kostas Zourkas <>

Hi to all,

iam trying to configure Delegate to act as a Socks 5 proxy with WIndows 
2000 Ldap authentication.

I have managed to configigure the W2K authentication by the use of PAM. 
The socks 5 server with authentication works perfectly but,
the socks 5 and socks 4 server are running at the same time without auth.
Is it possible to force through configuration that only the PAM authed 
users will be allowed access to the services given?
Is there a directive that will allow me to distinguish between socks4, 
socks5, socks5 with auth?

Here is my config for the server:

delegate -P10.1.1.1:1080 -vdT AUTHORIZER="-pam/test" 
PERMIT="*:*:" SERVER=socks OWNER=root ADMIN=test@test.. 

Thanks in advance.

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