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[DeleGate-En] Delegate FTP PASV behind NAT
11 Oct 2004 13:49:10 GMT "Deffranne Laurent (DBB)" <>


I am looking to set up a Delegate Proxy on a internal server behind a Firewall & NAT box.

Here is my network configuration :

Firewall external IP :
Delegate Server internal IP :

The firewall will transmit all incoming connections to the Internal server without problems.

The problem is that delegate delegate is now responding with "227 Entering Passive Mode (,128,66)."
on the FTP PASV requests coming from internet.

So the internet clients try to connect to the internal adress, without success of course.

How can I configure Delegates in such a way that it returns the IP adress on every FTP PASV answer ?

I have read about the "SRCIF" parameter, but i am unable to find the rights parameters to use in this case.

Bests regards,


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