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[DeleGate-En] Building Delegate 8.10.0 Beta in OS/2
09 Oct 2004 19:26:37 GMT

Dear Yutaka-san,

I haven't built a new version of Delegate under OS/2 since version 8.8.7 - with the
announcement of the new version 8.10.0 I thought it would be helpful to attempt a build here,
and make some notes.  I am using the OS/2 EMX 0.9d, as always, and gcc -v reports version
2.8.1, so I had high confidence of sucess.

I noted the following errors:

rary\windows.c - the function execvp() is defined at line 2900 as:

                      void execvp(char *path,char *argv[])
                 which conflicts with the definition given in my standard include files as:

		      int execvp (__const__ char *, char * __const__ *);

                 windows.c would not compile - I commented out the version of this function 
                 in windows.c (so the build would use the version in the standard libraries) 
                 and all appeared well.

fsx\any2fdif.c - This file has calls to htonl(), but the includes specified don't include
                 that on my system, so at link time I got a symbol not found error.  I added 
                 #include "vsocket.h" to the includes to fix this.

                 Also, with OS/2 EMX, #include <sys/stat.h> should always be preceeded by 
                 #include <sys/types.h>, so I corrected that as well while I was there.

src\ftp.c -      another symbol not found error, this time missing _setlinebuf.  Noted that
                 maker\setlinebuf.c was not building - the definition of setvbuf as given in 
                 this file as:
                     int setvbuf(void*,void*,int,int);

                 conflicts with my stdio.h, which has:
                     int setvbuf (FILE *, char *, int, size_t);

                 I commmented out the definition of setvbuf in maker\setlinebuf.c, and the 
                 compile went smoothly.
I noted while running down the setlinebuf problem that maker\_-poll.c was being built (and
failing) - this is for systems that have a poll() function?  I'm not sure I have that -
certainly there's no poll() defined in my include files (that grep can find).  Should
_-poll.c even be attempting to build here?

Anyway, with the changes I made as described above, the compilation of delegated completed
sucessfully.  I haven't fully tested the executables yet, however.  I thought you'd want the
feedback on the build process.

Thank you so much for your continued work on Delegate - it's an exceedingly useful tool!


|  Derek J Decker            Decker Automation    |
|                     Tel/Fax: 000/000-0006          585 Winterhill Lane  |
|       Lexington, KY 40509  |

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