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[DeleGate-En] Prob with POP server
13 Sep 2004 10:19:51 GMT =?iso-8859-1?q?S=E9bastien=20Cottalorda?= <>


I encountered a strange problem on POP server (delegate version 8.9.5):

When, on one of my POP server (2 different checked), I 'm near to receive 2 
messages, the second message contains a part of the first one.

Here is my delegate POP server config file

Here is my /usr/local/delegate/delegate8.9.5/lib/clamav.cfi
It's a perl script that store each line sent in STDIN and put all of them in a 
../delegate/work/dg$pid file.
Each message product a single file indexed with the pid number. If the same 
pid is reaffected, the last message erase the precedent file (I'm not in 
appened mode).
Then I run Anti-Virus + Anti-SPAM programs and sent the result on STDOUT for 

For debugging my problem, I did not delete working files used in my cfi 
I note that the original message (which was sent directly by delegate ) 
already contains part of the first message.
2nd message Header
2nd message Message part
1st message end Message
(eventually 1st message attached files)

Do you think the problem comes from my ISP "" and "", the 2 
provider I check and note the problem ?

Thanks in advance for you help.
I'm at your disposal for any kind of help.

Sebastien Cottalorda
Veuillez noter mon changement d'e-mail
Please note my new e-mail

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