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[DeleGate-En] A question about Delegate Proxy!
13 Sep 2004 07:34:00 GMT "server24" <>

Hi, everyone.

I want to use Delegate as Proxy Server for the internal web/mail server.OK,
let's me explain you below.

I want to use my pc at home to access the web server of my company(only
private ip is assigned) by using Proxy Server(Delegate) which is also
located in my company.
Do you think it is possible to do this  with Delegate?If yes, could you
explain me how to get it worked?

Note: this proxy server works very fine for outbound acces(from pcs inside
local LAN to internet), but not for inboud access(from internet to servers
inside local LAN). I've tried with NAT, but nothing gained.

My home PC
  F/W, Delegate   (my company) 
web server/mail server(with only private ips)


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