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HTTP Authentication
  08/23-22:02 . 2730  Mat Moot <> [46]
___ First, thanx for this lovely piece of art :) Recently I compiled Delegate on FreeBSD to use it as a private HTTP proxy in my house! This is how I start it: ../delegated -P9465 SERVER=http REMITTABLE
Ftp virtual hosts like http
  08/23-23:20 . 2731  "Stefan Calaci" <> [91]
___ Hello I'am using delegated to redirect http calls to different web servers... Here is my config file for the web -P80 MOUNT="/**" MOUNT="/* http://192.
HTTP Authentication
  08/24-21:47 . 2732  Mat Moot <> [74]
___ Dear Yutaka, I did more search and this is all I learned so far:- First, I used one of your codes posted earlier and wrote my authorization server echo "220" read USER USERNAME USERNAME=`echo $USERN
Ftp virtual hosts like http
  08/29-13:52 . 2733 (Yutaka Sato) [32]
___ The answer is No, if you mean the virtual server for FTP client (which talk FTP protocol with the server). It is impossible by principle. The virtual hosting in HTTP/1.1 is possible because HTTP/1.1
Delegate - Transparent HTTP Proxy
  08/29-21:55 . 2734  =?iso-8859-1?q?Pablo=20Rosatti?= <> [15]
___ Is it possible to use delegate as a Transparent HTTP Proxy? What I would like to do is to have a delegate daemon running on a firewall manage the traffic coming from a private subnet and resend it t
  08/29-22:31 . 2735 (Yutaka Sato) [22]
___ If you mean a HTTP proxy which forwards HTTP messages based on the Host: field in request message, the answer is Yes. Note that you might have to specify RELAY=vhost parameter if you need to allow t
  08/29-22:43 . 2736  =?iso-8859-1?q?Pablo=20Rosatti?= <> [52]
___ I want to do a http transparent proxy cache. Please help me. Thanks. --- Yutaka Sato <> escribi: ___ 100mb gratis, Antivirus y Antispam Correo Yahoo!, el mejor correo web del mu
  09/01-06:32 . 2737  =?iso-8859-1?q?Pablo=20Rosatti?= <> [22]
___ Hi Yutaca, can Delegate do cache of pages without configuring the browser?, just setting as gateway the host with delegate running (I call it transparent proxy) Thanx. 100mb gratis, Antivirus y Anti
delegate (ftp,pop.http.smtp proxy)'s problem
  09/01-09:52 . 2738  "server24" <> [168]
___ Hi, When I started delegate ftp, I encountered this problem"[:= : unaray operator expected".Also, smtp, pop and http produced the same error. I noticed it works, but uncertain about this. Does anyon
Delegate Proxy
  09/02-08:04 . 2739  "Wen Pei (Betty) Liu" <> [87]
___ Hi, I am a engineer at NASA's Ames Research Center's Advanced Supercomputing Dvision located in Silicon Valley, CA. I am currently researching for proxies for ssh and scp and am curious about Delega
trying to forward from delegate to another proxy
  09/09-02:32 . 2740  "Hamlett, Michael" <> [336]
___ ROUTE="http://localhost:9877/-_-*:" ROUTE="http://localhost:9877/-_-*:" ROUTE="http://localhost:9877/-_-*:" ROUTE=http://localhost:9877/-_-*: Usin
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