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[DeleGate-En] Access Denied 502 - NNTP
04 Aug 2004 18:39:51 GMT "Adam Engel" <>

Hi all,

Recently I set up DeleGate to serve as an NNTP proxy server for my
workplace. I have set this up using the following command:

delegated -v -P192.168.23.2:8119
PERMIT="*:*:Internal_Network,External_Interface" SERVERnntp://server/thread.

When a client attempts to connect to the DeleGate server, the following
error occurs:

E-P: No permission: Internal_IP:2693 => nntp://server (unmatch PERMIT)
## connect[8] TIMEOUT(1000)
### IDENT CONNECT(Internal_IP:113) TIMEOUT(1000ms) (110)
####LS cannot open
0E-C: Can't connect: Internal_IP:2693 => nntp://server/thread. (?)
NNTP-LOGIN; from=Internal_IP; to=nntp.server:119; REJECTED
disconnected [30] -@[Internal_IP]Internal_IP:2693 (1.031s)(0)

I believe our firewall on that system is not permitting port 113 to be
passed through.  What about the file that it is trying to open? Permissions
for that file are 777, and still the error occurs.


Adam Engel

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