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  08/04-19:43 . 2710  Kiyomi Ogawa <> [147]
  佐藤様 初めてメールいたします. 新日鉄ソリューションズの小川と申します. LinuxでDelegateを使用しています. この付近の時間帯でWebが見られなくなり マシンをリブートしております. 下記のログにあるように HTT
Access Denied 502 - NNTP
  08/05-03:39 . 2711  "Adam Engel" <> [28]
  Hi all, Recently I set up DeleGate to serve as an NNTP proxy server for my workplace. I have set this up using the following command: delegated -v -P192.168.23.2:8119 PERMIT="*:*:Internal_Network,Ex
Running Delegate in the background
  08/06-05:27 . 2712  Adam Engel <> [11]
  Hi, I have gotten DeleGate to work on my RedHat 9 installation. However, I cannot seem to get DeleGate to run in the background. What argument is required to have DeleGate run in the background? I h
  08/07-08:07 . 2713 (Yutaka Sato) [41]
  SIGTERM は、マシンをリブートすると(シャットダウンする時に)、各プロセス にシステムから送られるものです.リブートに対する正常な動作です. DeleGateは止まっていないようですが、IP通信機能は止まっているよう
Running Delegate in the background
  08/07-08:14 . 2714 (Yutaka Sato) [24]
  On 08/06/04(05:27) you Adam Engel <adamengel@specializedbusinesssoftware..> wrote It works in background by default, without any argument, writing its log into LOGFILE. -v makes DeleGate run in fore
HUP signal fails on Solaris
  08/07-08:43 . 2715 (Yutaka Sato) [45]
  Hi, Oh, you are a rare user who is using "INETD" :) I don't know about Solaris 8, but I know the "dgbind" does not work on Solaris5. I don't understand why the INETD for privileged port (100,101) ca
How force hosts to authenticate
  08/07-09:22 . 2716 (Yutaka Sato) [34]
  Hi, Sorry for my so late response. Your first config. AUTHORIZER=-list{guest:guest}:http,https:!*.M$,!*,!*.WU:* Your second config. AUTHORIZER=-list{guest:guest}:http,https:!*.M$,!*.cisco.
FTP Server Command Being Altered
  08/07-09:43 . 2717 (Yutaka Sato) [24]
  FTP-DeleGate interpretes %XX sequece as an escaped character as in URL. This feature can be disabled with: FTPCONF=nounesc Cheers, Yutaka D G Yutaka Sato <>
How to use delegate as an authenticating telnet proxy ?
  08/07-11:25 . 2718 (Yutaka Sato) [64]
  AUTHORIZER has not been applied to Telnet-DeleGate which is bound to a specific Telnet server as SERVER=telnet://server. It will be applied to such Telnet-DeleGate with the enclosed patch. The patch
FTP/tls tunneling
  08/07-11:38 . 2719 (Yutaka Sato) [28]
  CMAP="sslway -st:FSV:ftp" CMAP="sslway -st:FCL:ftp-data" At least the second CMAP must be with "FSV" instead of "FCL". Cheers, Yutaka D G Yutaka Sato <>
Dis.counted OEM Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk software for you - Delegate-en o 8 zx
  08/08-00:29 . 2720  OEM on Sale <> [32]
sending to a another server before sending it to target server.
  08/09-01:15 . 2721  Saravana Perumal <> [7]
  We have a scenario where in we need to send all data that goes through delegate to another machine for logging before sending to the target websites. Can this be possible using a filter? If so can a
How force hosts to authenticate
  08/09-17:33 . 2722  "Salvatore Tarallo \(starallo\)" <> [72]
  Yutaka, Forgive me but I don't seem to get it: 07/08 17:05:55.96 [5244] 0+0: ext[11] AUTHORIZER=-list{guest:guest}:http,https:!*,!*,! ** 07/08 17:05:55.96
  08/09-17:56 . 2723  Kiyomi Ogawa <> [53]
  佐藤様、鈴木様 ご回答ありがとうございます.小川です. とりあえず、こちらでまた調査します. ログの見方が少しわかったので助かりました. ありがとうございました. 2.16 8.14 3 =>
How to use delegate as an authenticating telnet proxy ?
  08/09-21:45 . 2724  "Sunil S" <> [114]
  Dear Yutaka, Thank you for the patch, is is working great now. I had in between tried other telnet proxies such as tn-gw. That did not work because required emulation was tn5250 ( not char based). H
Running Delegate in the background
  08/09-23:54 . 2725  Adam Engel <> [47]
  I took off the -v flag and noticed that it did run in the background, however I got the following errors in the IP log file: 08/09 10:44:06.46 [29832] 0+0: E-A: ABORT: caught SIGSEGV [11] 08/09 10:4
Chaining filters
  08/11-01:26 . 2726  Saravana Perumal <> [22]
  Can we chain filters for the same filter control say FCL we have to run 2 filters output of one to be piped into the other is this possible |Filter A|FilterB| thanks Peru ---Original Message--- From
How force hosts to authenticate
  08/12-01:24 . 2727 (Yutaka Sato) [92]
  No, but DeleGate continues searching until it find the first match. In your case, your destination host "" does NOT match the first AUTHORIZER, so DeleGate tried the next one, then it match
  08/12-17:47 . 2728  "Salvatore Tarallo \(starallo\)" <> [122]
  Thanks for the support Yutaka-san I was under the impression that the multiple AUTHORIZER statements would behave like an ACL where the first match, regardless the fact that the access was permitted
How to run delegate as a caching
  08/23-11:40 . 2729  Jack <> [13]
  Hello all, I'm quite confused by the numerous options provided by Delegate *^_^* I'd like to run Delegate as a caching http proxy, and would like to set some basic parameters, including ACL (to bloc
HTTP Authentication
  08/23-22:02 . 2730  Mat Moot <> [46]
  First, thanx for this lovely piece of art :) Recently I compiled Delegate on FreeBSD to use it as a private HTTP proxy in my house! This is how I start it: ../delegated -P9465 SERVER=http REMITTABLE
Ftp virtual hosts like http
  08/23-23:20 . 2731  "Stefan Calaci" <> [91]
  Hello I'am using delegated to redirect http calls to different web servers... Here is my config file for the web -P80 MOUNT="/**" MOUNT="/* http://192.
HTTP Authentication
  08/24-21:47 . 2732  Mat Moot <> [74]
  Dear Yutaka, I did more search and this is all I learned so far:- First, I used one of your codes posted earlier and wrote my authorization server echo "220" read USER USERNAME USERNAME=`echo $USERN
Ftp virtual hosts like http
  08/29-13:52 . 2733 (Yutaka Sato) [32]
  The answer is No, if you mean the virtual server for FTP client (which talk FTP protocol with the server). It is impossible by principle. The virtual hosting in HTTP/1.1 is possible because HTTP/1.1
Delegate - Transparent HTTP Proxy
  08/29-21:55 . 2734  =?iso-8859-1?q?Pablo=20Rosatti?= <> [15]
  Is it possible to use delegate as a Transparent HTTP Proxy? What I would like to do is to have a delegate daemon running on a firewall manage the traffic coming from a private subnet and resend it t
  08/29-22:31 . 2735 (Yutaka Sato) [22]
  If you mean a HTTP proxy which forwards HTTP messages based on the Host: field in request message, the answer is Yes. Note that you might have to specify RELAY=vhost parameter if you need to allow t
  08/29-22:43 . 2736  =?iso-8859-1?q?Pablo=20Rosatti?= <> [52]
  I want to do a http transparent proxy cache. Please help me. Thanks. --- Yutaka Sato <> escribi: ___ 100mb gratis, Antivirus y Antispam Correo Yahoo!, el mejor correo web del mu
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