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09 Feb 1999 16:42:10 GMT "Erekose Ermizhad" <>


I am running delegate 5.8.8 On Linux 2.0.36 (i586) with 16 MB RAM.
I plan to use Delegate to act as a proxy server (http and ftp mainly ... 
maybe pop and smtp later on) for my internal users [those woth illegal 

I read the manual on how to invoke delegate but i might missed some of 
the imporant points there.  Normally I start delegate by issuing the 
following command 
./delegated -P5000 -vv PERMIT="*:*:2.2.2.*,*:*:" so that only 
machines on segment and host with IP address can use 
my proxy.  Is this the right command to use ??? Or is there a better way 
to do this.  Also I need to ask U this.  I just found that I was able to 
access and use my http proxy server from outside with IP address that is 
not permitted in the host list.  I dialed to my ISP and then just wanna 
check whether I could use my delegate proxy server.  I thought I would 
be denied access, however it was not !!!.  Why ???

lAstly,  I woukd like to know how to define delegate in inetd ???

Yer attention and help is very much appreciated

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