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[DeleGate-En] Rate limiting on forwarded connections
28 Jun 2004 15:27:37 GMT =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Eric_D=F6nges?= <>


I currently have the following requirement: I have a networked device 
"A", which
communicates with a server "B" using a custom protocol over a TCP port.
The server connects with the device, sends data (roughly 2k), and then 
closes the
connection. The device does not send any acknowledge to the server. In 
my test
environment, where device and server are located in the same network, 
this works
pretty well. The server is implicitly rate limited by the speed with 
which the
device accepts connections and simply blocks until the device is ready 
to accept data.

In the real-world deployment, my device sits behind several 
administrated by at least three separate companies, so we decided to 
tunnel the
traffic using DeleGate via Socks (since a Socks tunnel is already 
configured and
requires no changes to the firewall/router configuration). I have a 
DeleGate 8.9.4
running in my network, which forwards the used TCP ports (with the 
tcprelay server
option) via Socks to an upstream DeleGate, which then relays the 
connections to the

The problem I'm running into is that now, if the server sends data at a 
rate much higher than what the device can accept, connections are 
simply dropped without
my server being informed that the connection couldn't be forwarded. 
I've tried
setting the 'listen' and 'conpch' MAXIMA parameters to one in an 
attempt to force
DeleGate to behave more like the direct connection (i.e. the server is 
blocked on the
send until the device accepts the connection), but haven't had much 
luck - it's
still silently loosing data.

Is there any way to force DeleGate to refuse to accept new connections 
all previous connections have been successfully forwarded ? Or do I 
have to implement
some form of rate limiting in my server ?

With regards,
Eric Dönges

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