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SSLway on Linux?
  06/25-16:34 . 2680  "Michael Richter" <> [64]
___ It works fine !!! Thank you for this quick help ! Michael
  06/25-17:06 . 2681 [115]
___ hello yutaka the build process under linux gives the following error : *** exit(2): -makeat at /tmp/delegate8.9.6-pre5/src [0] make [1] MKMAKE_SRC= [2] SHELL=/bin/sh [3] HDRDIRS=-I../include [4] LIB
Problem with PAM authentication
  06/26-06:51 . 2682 (Yutaka Sato) [49]
___ Hi, Still I cannot understand why and how you reused your source tree of 8.9.2 (or delegate8.9.2/maker/libsubst.a.list to be left after make) at the "compile time" of 8.9.3, and why you said you nee
  06/26-07:41 . 2683  Martin Papadopoulos <> [104]
___ hello yutaka, seems that the latest delegate8.6.4-pre6 builds fine. thanx anyway :=) [DeleGate-En] delegate8.6.4-pre5 * 25 Jun 2004 08:06:25 GMT * /martin.papadopoulos@bechtle.. <mailto:martin.papad
Problem with PAM authentication
  06/26-09:18 . 2684  JGuillaume de Rorthais <> [37]
___ Yutaka Sato a crit : Don't bother you about this...I did lots of tests and when I tried to make delegate with the pam dev library installed, It was not on fresh untared DeleGate... I think it will b
OWA not working via IE
  06/28-19:30 . 2685  Alex Ongena <> [43]
___ Yutaka, Thank you. I have just returned from Holiday and will try you patch later this week. Thank you already. Alex aXs GUARD has completed security and anti-virus checks on this e-mail (http://www
Rate limiting on forwarded connections
  06/29-00:27 . 2686  =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Eric_D=F6nges?= <> [59]
___ Hi, I currently have the following requirement: I have a networked device "A", which communicates with a server "B" using a custom protocol over a TCP port. The server connects with the device, send
  06/29-07:49 . 2687 (Yutaka Sato) [27]
___ You can forbid parallel connections over DeleGate by limitting parallel delegated processes like this: MAXIMA=delegated:1 Cheers, Yutaka D G Yutaka Sato <>
  06/29-16:38 . 2688  =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Eric_D=F6nges?= <> [19]
___ Am 29.06.2004 um 00:49 schrieb Yutaka Sato: Yutaka, thanks for your quick response ! After some experimenting, "MAXIMA=delegated:1,listen:1" on the client DeleGate side seems to do what I want. With
Delegate Socks client and Linux
  06/29-23:08 . 2689  Zoubir Yacoubi <> [18]
___ Hi, is a Delegate socks client is disponible for linux boxe (Red Hat distribution)? Bonne rception / Regards Zoubir YACOUBI Architecte SÚcuritÚ Infrastructure ITS - IBM Global Services GSM. 06.74.40
SSI tag #include problem
  06/30-01:09 . 2690  Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais <> [59]
___ Hello, I use Delegate as an origin https server with authentication. Today, I tried to write a shtml page with the <!--#include virtual="test.html" My logs told me the following : # cat 443.http 172
  06/30-04:49 . 2691 (Yutaka Sato) [40]
___ Try AUTHORIZER="localhost" instead of AUTH="origin:auth" AUTH is an obsolete parameter to be replaced with AUTHORIZER. I think it should be removed from Manual.htm. Cheers, Yutaka D G Yutaka Sato <y
Delegate Socks client and Linux
  06/30-04:52 . 2692 (Yutaka Sato) [16]
___ As far as I know, there is nothing special in Linux about DeleGate. DeleGate is distributed as a source program which can be compiled and executed on any platform. Cheers, Yutaka D G Yutaka Sato <y.
SSI tag #include problem
  06/30-19:44 . 2693  Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais <> [26]
___ Hello, It works fine with this solution. Selon Yutaka Sato <>: Thank you ! Cheers, JGuillaume de Rorthais GPG/PGP ID : 0x2A47BED0
Delegate Socks client and Linux
  06/30-21:57 . 2694  Zoubir Yacoubi <> [69]
___ Hi, In my organization we want to use Delegate as a socks server for ldap protocol and we need socks client on ldap client which is installaed on Linux boxe. My question is : is it possible to have
  07/01-11:52 . 2695 (Yutaka Sato) [19]
___ DeleGate can work as a SOCKS server. Also it can work as a SOCKS client. SOCKS protocol can relay any application protocol on TCP including LDAP. DeleGate works on any Unix including Linux. Cheers,
How force hosts to authenticate
  07/02-02:40 . 2696  "Salvatore Tarallo \(starallo\)" <> [88]
___ Hi, I'm running the latest delegate under Win2k. Eveything seems to work fine with the exception of the authentication/authorization. My objective is to have all access via http to sites only allowe
  07/02-04:41 . 2697 (Yutaka Sato) [60]
___ Yes. I found that AUTHORIZER with connMap is not working because the destination information, to be matched with connMap, is not parsed before applying the connMap for AUTHORIZER. I will fix it as t
  07/02-16:35 . 2698  "Salvatore Tarallo \(starallo\)" <> [95]
___ Thanks Yutaka for the prompt support on this one. Could you please give me an idea on when to expect the fix to make it into your next binary build as I'm not too familiar with the release schedule
  07/02-17:04 . 2699 (Yutaka Sato) [20]
___ A few minutes ago, I uploaded the latest pre-release version of DeleGate/8.9.6-pre8 including the patch at together with the Win32 binary version "dg8_9_6-pre8.z
  07/02-18:52 . 2700  "Salvatore Tarallo \(starallo\)" <> [44]
___ Yutaka, I gave it a try and indeed the connmap on AUTHORIZER is now working but I'm facing another problem: 1) an authentication request pops up for some sites ( is of them) even if it i
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