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[DeleGate-En] Re: Problem with PAM authentication
24 Jun 2004 14:15:43 GMT Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais <>


| I'm curious why and how you are sharing a source tree between different
| versions of DeleGate.  Since each version is packed into it TAR as
| "delegateX.X.X/...", it is difficult to imagine that someone is copying
| it over an existing tree of different version. 

you're right, it's not a problem with overwriting source.

In fact, my launch script use /usr/local/delegate*/src/delegated as path to the
delegate binary file. In this way, I could easyly update my delegate version
without change my script using your directory name policy.

But, since you wrote the pam support (and my come back in my office after
6month) I writed a new script for my authentication tests with pam which use the
new version of delegate and this script launch

Now I know that this authentication works fine (the goal was to use the users
accounts on the windows NT PDC server with libpam-smb), I will upgrade my
delegate version soon.

| Also I think that the
| compilation of DeleGate from scrach is fast enough, and no one will need
| reusing the result of past compilation.

Yes, you're still right !

It's just a stupid mistake since I didn't realize that make will not check again
my libraries after I installed the libpam0g-dev...I am realy confused about this
mistake :s

One more time, thanks a lot for your help and DeleGate.
JGuillaume de Rorthais

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