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[DeleGate-En] Problem with Delegated and Telnet with INTR char
08 Feb 1999 21:36:58 GMT Ben Kressman <>


I'm using delegated to do SSL Telnet and masqing to an internal host.  I
notice that when I am logged-in in this manner, that if i send an
interupt character (normally set to CONTROL-C on most terminals) that it
disconnects me from the sever.  It seems to be directly related to
Delegate, and doesn't matter what I change the intrupt character to, it
will always disconnect.  The reason i found this out is on linux and
other unixes you have to do a interupt to get it to stop processing a
task like ping or traceroute.. But instead I get killed..  Any idea why
this is happening and any ideas as to how to fix it?

Thanks alot, this is very important to me.  Please send email as well as


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