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[DeleGate-En] URL not always translated.
16 Jun 2004 01:02:25 GMT Frugoletto <>


I use delegate as origin server with few virtual paths pointing to few 
services available on the same machine.
Delegate is also configured to offer secure http. Here is the 

delegated -P443 SERVER=https FCL=sslway RELIABLE="*" 
DGROOT="/Progra~1/Delegate" ADMIN=admin@localhost MOUNT="/zoe/* 
http://localhost:10080/*" MOUNT="/spambayes/* http://localhost:8880/*" 
MOUNT="/firewall/**" REACHABLE=localhost 

Everything seems fine except the service mapped on /zoe. The pages 
generated by this service have links in the form "/something". Those 
links don't get substituted by delegate so, instead of being 
https://servername/zoe/something they become 
https://servername/something which doesn't exist.
Obviously, if I map zoe on the root everything works fine.

Is there a way to force delegate to substitute those links too?


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