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[DeleGate-En] Configuration of ICQ UDP-relay ?
07 Feb 1999 10:33:56 GMT Marco Morcos <>

> From: Lars Holmstrm <>
> Date: 07 Feb 1999 08:30:01 GMT
> Message-ID: <_A262@delegate-en.ML_>
> --

Dear Lars,
  I will attempt to set up UDP Relay (for ICQ) step by step.

1- Open a server port to accept requests from ICQ clients
    I have this as port 4000 but you can give it a different number.
    And make it forward requests to port 4000 on
    {path to delegated executable}/delegated -P{my port number}
     SERVER=udprelay://{port number 4000}
In your case:
 /var/spool/delegate/delegated -P4000 SERVER=udprelay://

Make sure that your delegated executable is indeed in the path you specify.

2- Next you open a port 1080 for Socks 4
/var/spool/delegate/delegated -P1080 SERVER=socks

3- Then you need to setup the icq clients to send requests to your server port
     on which you are running udprelay.
The following settings should get your icq client running:

I am using SOCK 4 proxy
SOCKS4 host should be set to your server IP address
SOCKS4 Port should be set to 1080
Open an outgoing UDP port 4000 on my firewall
I am behind a firewall or proxy

And remember to click the "for technical support" button
or the servers tab and add a server with your server's IP address and port 4000

By the way you can have multiple ICQ ports on your server by repeating the
above steps with a differnet port number on your server.

Marco Morcos

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