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[DeleGate-En] DeleGate vs. WinGate -- Installation/configuration
21 Apr 2004 05:16:18 GMT Christopher Markis <>

I used to use Wingate to dial in to my home from remote sites using a 
laptop.  This was set up to simply allow me access to COX high-speed 
internet connectivity for me no matter where I was.
I recently decided to migrate to Linux to get away from all the viruses 
exploiting Microsoft Windows and causing me heartburn at every turn.

It was recommended to use DeleGate on Linux to do the same as WinGate 
did on Windows, however, the manuals available have overwhelmed me I 
have become more confused at how to configure DeleGate, than ever before.

I simply wish to be able to dial into a simple phone number, connect to 
this Linux box throught a modem in the box, have "some program" 
reconnect me through the Linux box to the COX internet connection it 
accesses at home, then be able to access the Internet as I would if I 
were directly connected at home (ofcourse slightly slower).

What are the "simple" configuration parameters to get this done, and is 
DeleGate the correct product, or should I be using something else?

Also, how would I configure Linux to allow DHCP on the modem, to provide 
simply one address to the Laptop so I don't have to hardcode one on the 
Laptop's configuration (don't have to modify any of the Laptop dial-up 
network parameters)?

WinGate was truly a 'nobrainer/noparameters install', is DeleGate the 
correct product, or is there something 'simpler' for this situation?

Chris Markis
Redhat Linux 9 Newbee

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