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BUG? UDP Ports
  04/06-14:00 . 2590  "Wu Jiafu" <> [39]
___ Hi, I checked this issue again and again. I found that if I start delegated with RESOLV=file,dns or whatever (even if it's the same as the default value RESOLV=cache,file,dns,sys), these 2 UPD ports
  04/06-14:11 . 2591  "Wu Jiafu" <> [49]
___ and, this issue appears in my windows 2000 box(delegated 8.9.2 binary from too --- Original Message --- From: "Wu Jiafu" <> To: <feedback@deleg
Sigsegv when trying to run delegate 8.9.2 on yellowdog 3
  04/06-17:39 . 2592  "Rich Stanton" <> [64]
___ Doing this my stacksize was listed as 8192kbytes. I executed the first 2 commands, and delegated did it's usual startup: GNU gdb Yellow Dog Linux (5.2.1-4b) Copyright 2002 Free Software Foundation,
  04/06-20:41 . 2593 (Yutaka Sato) [66]
___ Then the problem seems not to be caused by stack limitation. This command means running DeleGate as follows: Sorry, to let DeleGate run in foreground and be monitored by gdb, you shoulld have done i
  04/06-21:26 . 2594  "Rich Stanton" <> [77]
___ Right then - thanks for your patience, here's the log from the gdb session (sorry if you didn't need the whole thing!). (gdb) run -v -P9999 SERVER=socks Starting program: /usr/sbin/delegated -v -P99
small patch : delegate as origin http server, css and Mozilla...
  04/15-01:19 . 2595  Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais <> [62]
___ humf...Mea culpa Replying to myself... Currently, I search to rewrite html page send by servers with the 503 http status code...Reading the delegate manual, I just discover the FILETYPE option in th
Tunnel over HTTP PROXY???
  04/20-09:31 . 2596  Jose Maria Sarachaga <> [48]
___ Hi Yutaka! Hi list! I've been looking for this case in the list archive but no responses are made, are those solved? I need to make direct connections like TELNET or SSH(hopefully SSH, but for now i
Can I use one port for multiple protocols
  04/20-09:58 . 2597  "Dan Higgins" <> [15]
___ Greetings, If I have one port open, can I use Delegate to accept connections on that port, then look at the incoming stream, and forward on to different ports based on the stream data? More specific
  04/20-13:02 . 2598  Tim Smith <> [5]
___ hello i like delegates features and it seems to be the general prupose proxy i am looking for. however i have been googling and in the past delegate has gotten a bad rap for buffer over flows. what
Can I use one port for multiple protocols
  04/21-03:15 . 2599  "Dan Higgins" <> [34]
___ Here is more info on the config I'm trying, but I can't see why it doesn't work. For this example, only port 8888 is open to the outside. I've got 2 config files, the first: ---BEGIN--- -P8888 -vv S
DeleGate vs. WinGate -- Installation/configuration
  04/21-14:16 . 2600  Christopher Markis <> [31]
___ I used to use Wingate to dial in to my home from remote sites using a laptop. This was set up to simply allow me access to COX high-speed internet connectivity for me no matter where I was. I recent
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