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[DeleGate-En] How can I search the english mailing list?
02 Feb 1999 14:40:26 GMT Buchs Christian <>

I can't use the nntp, pop and ftp services on the
server (I can't connect, probably because
of my ISP proxy). So I'm forced to use the http service
to read the mailing list.

I have tried to found a search engine for searching
the english mailing list on the Delegate web site,
but without success (maybe it will come later...).

I thought however that it was possible to do a text-based
search in the english mailing list, but I haven't found a
way to get (via http) all the mail messages (not only the
headers but also the contents) in the list on
a unique html page. Without being able to do a search in
the questions that developpers have already sent, I find the
english mailing list quite useless: you can only go through
it 10 messages at the same time...

Does anybody has a solution to this problem?

Christian Buchs
ELCA Informatique SA,

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