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[DeleGate-En] problem delegate processes
23 Jan 2004 10:24:32 GMT =?iso-8859-1?Q?Stephan_=DCbelherr?= <>


we set delegate up as proxy for approx. 2500 people. this may causes our current problems, which i want to describe to you in the following below:

1. system: 4-processor primergy-blade, 2gbyte ram, 300gbyte scsi-raid
2. software: redhat linux 9.0; minimal serversystem;  only packages, ports, daemons installed/running/open which are recommended/useful
3. there is installed an certificate for some people who use intranet-hosted-webservices. we configured delegate as a track switcher, so that the proxy decides whether to sent requests to the internet or to those online-webservices.
4. our (intensive) studies of security/network infrastructure-components proofs our focus on that proxy-system

problem: system is running smoothly, performance ist very good, but: if there are many people surfing the internet or working with those webservices, the performance is slow, pictures are not loaded or proxy-reports are shown on frames/the whole site. Additionally inputs that were made on online-services-input-masks (because its online-trading its critically theres much pressure to solve this problem) are lost. these are just a few of the phenomenons, which increases, when there comes huge traffic on this software. 

if you use lsof (-i -n -P), the systems shows many opened processes or Listening states, so this indicates to us, that the proxysoftware could only handle a fixed/various number of processes; every process which comes as the "last" one, is stopped or will be timed out. On your manual site we discovered, thats its possible to specify the maximum number of resource usage, processes, connections, etc. with the parameters. There are given some values, for example 
      delegated  --  max. number of DeleGate processes runnable at a time [64]  

This value "64" is this meaned as "Maximum", "Minimum", "Best Match", "For Example" ???
Are there any other possibilties to solve our Problems ???

for further questions or solutions please contact me asap.

thank you for your support



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