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[DeleGate-En] Source RPM for DeleGate 8.7.7
19 Nov 2003 05:39:58 GMT Francisco Figueirido <>

Hello, Yato-san.

Let me first say, thank you! I have been using your DeleGate for some
time now (was using v7.9.* until recently and decided to upgrade to
8.7.7). I have a Web server at home, behind a firewall, and wanted to
provide both non-SSL and SSL access to it, and to other services as
well, and your DeleGate proved quite up to the task!

I don't know if anybody would be interested, but I have created a source
RPM for version 8.7.7 of your DeleGate proxy server. It might be rough
(tries to install the files under /opt but should be relocatable) and I
would appreciate any comments/suggestions on how to improve it (it's my
first attempt at creating an RPM!). I hope this is helpful to somebody
besides myself...

The RPM can be obtain from one of these two URLs:

Francisco Figueirido <>

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