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[DeleGate-En] SSL / keep-alive configure question
30 Sep 2003 10:57:31 GMT


I'm using Delegate 8.5.9 with sslway as a server for http-clients which 
connects itself to a https-server. Therefore I'm starting delegate with 
the following parameters:

./delegated -r -P10000 SERVER=https RELAY="no" FSV=sslway MOUNT="/* 
https://http-server/*" PERMIT="http:*:*"

The client connects to Delegate at port 10000 and Delegate initiates a 
SSL-connection to the remote server. For higher Performance I want to keep 
the connection to the remote SSL-server always alive, because the client 
sends many requests to delegate and IMHO the SSL-handshake for every 
request takes too much cpu-time. Is it possible to configure this (maybe 
with HTTPCONF=cka-cfi )?

If this isn't possible, can Delegate/sslway re-use the SSL session-id? 
This would also help to prevent a new SSL-handshake at every request.

Thanks a lot,

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