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[DeleGate-En] Webserver from behind router
20 Sep 2003 20:32:01 GMT Edgar <>


I have just found out about the DeleGate project, it look pretty big at first sight :-)

I have a question about it, which I could not find an answer to in the manual.
Probably overlooked, but as I said, it's big.

I have one server running directly connected to the internet, everybody can connect to this one.
Also I have a number a terminals behind routers/firewalls, which also have a webserver running.
And I want to connect to the webserver of the terminals for monitoring.

The problem I have is that I cannot connect nor my server can connect to the terminals.
The terminals CAN connect to my server.

Can I configure some sort of proxy server to run on the terminals computers.
Which makes a connection to some-sort-of-proxy-server running on my server connected to the backbone.

As a result, what I want, any body can connect through the proxy on my server to the webserver running on the terminals.
So at start, the proxy-server on the terminals tries to find my main proxy server and connect with it.
When I want to contact the terminals-webserver, 
-I connect to the main-server-proxy
-The main-server-proxy contacts the terminal-proxyserver through the connection earlier established from terminal to the server 
-The terminal-proxy-server contacts the actual-webserver on the terminal
-The response is send back through terminal-proxyserver => mainserver-proxy => my PC

I hope you got my point/problem,
and I hope even more the DeleGate-project will solve all my problems,
and I can live happily ever after. :-)


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