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  01/23-07:23 . 0240  NABHANI <> [0]
How to set up for SMTP
  01/24-11:19 . 0241  Kris Kadela <> [10]
___ I need to set up DeleGate to forward all SMTP and POP requests to another server on my network. How do I do this? Drake P3 Profiling System Http://
  01/24-11:34 . 0242 (Yutaka Sato) [20]
___ You mean "requests" to your host? Totally transparently? If so, running two delegateds like: delegated -P110 SERVER=tcprelay://your-pop-server:110 delegated -P25 SERVER=tcprelay://your-smtp-server:2
NNTP cache and list problems
  01/24-17:46 . 0243  Mike Holling <> [18]
___ Just started using DeleGate, it looks pretty good. I'd like to be able to cache some newsgroups but not all of them. Unfortunately, when I turn caching on it tries to cache all articles in binary gr
Delegate 5.8.5 on Warp 4
  01/27-09:04 . 0244  Kris Kadela <> [12]
___ I just noticed that the reason why I can't get Delegate to work is that it cannot open any sockets. Here is the -vv output [D:\os2\delegate]delegated -vv -P25 SERVER=tcprelay://drake.power 01/26 17:
Delegate 5.8.5 for OS/2
  01/27-23:14 . 0245  Kris Kadela <> [12]
___ I have this running -P25 SERVER=tcprelay:// When i telnet into the delegate PC on port 25 I get a connection from (good) but when mail is coming it is always re
relay virual http to internal PC <-- confused
  01/28-17:59 . 0246  Mark Kadela <> [14]
___ Another question (BTW, I got the mail server stuff figured out :) I need to relay requests to an internal PC requests for should be relayed to requests for www.
Compiler Warnings
  01/29-18:46 . 0247  Ertan Payci <> [80]
___ Hi there, recently, i reported an error dealing with nntp-connections. Here is a piece of the logfile. The config-file is following immediatly. After that, there is another questions i have: CACHE E
Delegate 5.8.5 on Warp 4
  01/31-03:09 . 0248  Hiroshi Ueno 上野博 <> [17]
___ That's because the local loopback is inactive. Activate loopback via TCP/IP configuration panel or by typing `ifconfig lo up' at the command prompt. Hiro Ueno
  01/31-03:09 . 0249  Hiroshi Ueno 上野博 <> [18]
___ Mail from where? You need to setup delegeted with the appropriate access control parameters if it will be accessed from the remote network. Consult a Manual.txt file about REMITTABLE/PERMITTABLE/REL
  01/31-14:19 . 0250  Drake P3 <> [41]
___ Thank You. I figured that one out (is there a better manual coming? I foud Manual.txt to be very confusing) Now I have other questions under the "relay virual http to internal PC <-- confused " topi
relay virual http to internal PC <-- confused
  01/31-19:24 . 0251  Hiroshi Ueno 上野博 <> [20]
___ How about this? delegated -P80 SERVER=http MOUNT="/**" MOUNT="/**" PERMIT=... Hiro Ueno
Y2000 compliance?
  02/02-01:43 . 0252  Luc Stepniewski <> [11]
___ Hello, I'd like to know if DeleGate has been tested for Y2000 compliance? How are the dates coded ? Thanks, Luc ___ More than just email--Get your FREE Netscape WebMail account today at http://home.
How can I search the english mailing list?
  02/02-23:40 . 0253  Buchs Christian <> [24]
___ I can't use the nntp, pop and ftp services on the server (I can't connect, probably because of my ISP proxy). So I'm forced to use the http service to read the mailing list. I have tr
Controlling NNTP Posting
  02/03-23:10 . 0254  Dennis Cartier <> [10]
___ Hi, I would like to either split the reading/posting abiltiy of users onto different NNTP Servers or simply block posting. I do not have full control over one of the NNTP Servers so I can not simply
NNTP mounting doesn't work
  02/03-23:40 . 0255  "=?ISO-8859-1?Q?S=F6l=E9tormos_Csaba?=" <> [21]
___ Hi, I'd like to map a specific newsgroup to a specified port with Delegate. I've tried the following: /home/proxy/delegated -P1113 \ SERVER=nntp:// \ LOGFI
Deleting expired Cache.
  02/04-20:28 . 0256  Marco Makram Morcos <> [5]
___ I am using delegate on red hat linux v.5.8.1 The cache directory (http) is growing and taking up space. Is there a way to make delegate delete the expired cache entries ?
Restricting access to HTTP
  02/04-20:49 . 0257  Marco Makram Morcos <> [6]
___ How do I disallow some clients (internal IP's) from using the HTTP port 2080 for example? I am using Delegate on Red Hat Linux 5.8.1
Delegate - Compliment
  02/05-03:02 . 0258  Ben Kressman <> [16]
___ I just wanted to complement you on your program Delegate. I've been looking for a program that does what yours does for a while, and have tried tons of them (including SSH and others like that). You
Problem with Delegate...
  02/06-01:11 . 0259  Carlo Todeschini <> [59]
___ Hi, I'm an Italian Linux system administrator and I have a problem with Delegate/5.8.8 I run the server with this command line: -P11000 MOUNT="/news_it/* nntp://*" MOUNT="/ne
Configuration of ICQ UDP-relay ?
  02/06-06:49 . 0260  Lars Holmstrm <> [79]
___ I have tried to setup a ICQ UDP relay together with my WEB-proxy, NNTP-server etc, but with low successrate. Unfortunely I have no experience in ICQ and have no software to run it either. What I am
  02/06-20:47 . 0261  Marco Morcos <> [105]
___ Hello Lars, The only problem is that the syntax is incorrect. To run the UDP relay in your delegate directory you should write: /var/spool/delegate/delegated -P4000 SERVER=udprelay://icq.mirabilis.c
  02/07-17:30 . 0262  Lars Holmstrm <> [112]
___ Dear Marco, Thanks for your answer and help. I do see the problem I had with SOCKS. This is corrected now. But Why do you specify both "-P4000" and the portnumber ":4000" for the target ? Will than
Number of delegate instances ?
  02/07-17:32 . 0263  Lars Holmstrm <> [8]
___ As I understand you have to run a separate instance of delegate for every server, SOCKS, SMTP, NNTP, HTTP, UDP-RELAY etc. What is a common configuration people are using ? 5 duplicates ? In my case
SMTP & POP3 relay ?
  02/07-18:37 . 0264  Lars Holmstrm <> [8]
___ Is it possible to relaying SMTP and POP3 to hosts outside the firewall (delegate). What I am trying to achieve is a way so that users on my local LAN using non-official adresses can specifying their
Configuration of ICQ UDP-relay ?
  02/07-19:33 . 0265  Marco Morcos <> [45]
___ Dear Lars, I will attempt to set up UDP Relay (for ICQ) step by step. 1- Open a server port to accept requests from ICQ clients I have this as port 4000 but you can give it a different number. And m
Problem with Delegated and Telnet with INTR char
  02/09-06:36 . 0266  Ben Kressman <> [18]
___ Hello. I'm using delegated to do SSL Telnet and masqing to an internal host. I notice that when I am logged-in in this manner, that if i send an interupt character (normally set to CONTROL-C on most
Configuration of ICQ UDP-relay ?
  02/09-07:25 . 0267  Lars Holmstrm <> [42]
___ Thanks. Now I was able to connect (after I installed ICQ). Everything worked as expected, but after I disconnected I am unable to connect again. ICQ reports "Can't establish connection ..." The foll
  02/09-19:45 . 0268  Marco Morcos <> [68]
___ I am guessing that it has something to do with TIMEOUT parameters. But I have not tried to fix it. It should work if you restart the delegated on that same port 4000 with the same command you used t
  02/10-01:42 . 0269  "Erekose Ermizhad" <> [25]
___ Hi, I am running delegate 5.8.8 On Linux 2.0.36 (i586) with 16 MB RAM. I plan to use Delegate to act as a proxy server (http and ftp mainly ... maybe pop and smtp later on) for my internal users [th
Disable error-message ?
  02/10-02:26 . 0270  Holger Krull <> [9]
___ Hello all, is there a way to disable the error Message everyone gets if the access to a delegate http-server is denied? A message "403 access denied" would be enough, but everyone receives a large m
Number of delegate instances ?
  02/10-17:10 . 0271  Hans-Joachim Baader <> [13]
___ Hi Lars, Code is always shared. You can easily run 10-20 instances even on a small server (64 MB or less). hjb
Disable error-message ?
  02/11-15:49 . 0272 (Yutaka Sato) [31]
___ You can 'MOUNT' yourown error messages onto your DeleGate like this: MOUNT="/-/builtin/mssgs/403-forbidden.dhtml file:/tmp/403-forbidden.dhtml" The "dhtml" is basically HTML file with some extention
Problem with Delegated and Telnet with INTR char
  02/11-18:19 . 0273 (Yutaka Sato) [37]
___ Telnet-DeleGate of older versions before 5.3.6 (May98) have such problem that they cause disconnection on relaying break key like control-C when the Telnet server supports SYNCH (as OOB, Out Of Band
Controlling NNTP Posting
  02/11-18:35 . 0274 (Yutaka Sato) [23]
___ [Manual.txt] For example if you have two servers, server-1 and server-2 MOUNTed and you need to inhibit posting to server-2, then: delegated -P8119 SERVER=nntp MOUNT="= nntp://server-1/" \ MOUNT="=
PERMIT parameter
  02/11-20:26 . 0275 (Yutaka Sato) [38]
___ The syntax of the value of PERMIT parameter is like this: [Manual.txt] Note that the value must be a single triple, not the list of triples. Thus your example must be specified either of followings:
invoking DeleGate from inetd
  02/11-20:39 . 0276 (Yutaka Sato) [36]
___ In "/etc/inetd.conf" add a line like this: <protocol-name> stream tcp wait nobody /path/of/delegate.rc delegate.rc Several ways to invoke DeleGate is described in "
NNTP mounting doesn't work
  02/11-20:46 . 0277 (Yutaka Sato) [31]
___ You might be able to see what is going with "-v" or "-vv" option. [] Cheers, Yutaka Yutaka Sato <> @ @ Computer Sc
error in NNTP proxy ? (Re: Compiler Warnings)
  02/11-22:59 . 0278 (Yutaka Sato) [49]
___ I have questions to figure out what is happening. - Doesn't the problem occurs when you connected the server without DeleGate ? - What is your news client ? - What will happen when you use DeleGate
expire error ? (Re: Compiler Warnings)
  02/11-23:16 . 0279 (Yutaka Sato) [19]
___ This is the first report about the problem, and only one. I tested the functionality of the CRON parameter like: % delegated -P8080 CRON="* * * * * -expire 1s" -vv EXPIRELOG=/dev/tty which means inv
error in NNTP proxy ? (Re: Compiler Warnings)
  02/11-23:43 . 0280  Ertan Payci <> [55]
___ Hi, It doesn't. I used netscape and tin. Infact, i had figured out that this works quite well: DGROOT=/var/spool/delegate SERVER=tcprelay:// RESOLV=fi
expire error ? (Re: Compiler Warnings)
  02/11-23:51 . 0281  Ertan Payci <> [22]
___ Well i'm sorry, this was probably my fault. I took the example from the tutorial at and put it into an config-file. But two commands in a line only work on t dead ?
  02/12-02:48 . 0282  Holger Krull <> [7]
___ Hello, is the news-server on port 119 dead? No newsreader or telnet on port 119 gets an answer. Ciao Holger
  02/12-07:33 . 0283  "Didier.Buob" <> [14]
___ I have a NT Workstation connected through a serial line to the net. I have simple users without privileges. They are allowed to surf the net, but they know that each visited is keep in memory (not i dead ?
  02/12-09:26 . 0284 (Yutaka Sato) [16]
___ Sorry, I found that the port 119 has been blocked at the router of our firewall since last year. So I sent a request to the administrator of the router asking to pass the port. Please use port 8119
  02/12-09:48 . 0285 (Yutaka Sato) [27]
___ DeleGate, like other HTTP proxies, records HTTP access log in the format named "common logfile format", which will be placed at "\Program Files\DeleGate\log\<PORT>.http" by default when it runs on W
Problem with Delegate...
  02/12-10:43 . 0286 (Yutaka Sato) [56]
___ First of all, I think such rewriting of URLs in a response message should be cared by the proxy (Apache in this case) which made the rewiting of the URL in the request message. But I don't know whet
  02/12-11:53 . 0287 (Yutaka Sato) [65]
___ Another solution for your requirement is using "external filter". You can achive arbitrary rewriting to messages relayed on DeleGate by filter programs which you attach to your DeleGate. The filter
NNTP cache and list problems
  02/12-12:48 . 0288 (Yutaka Sato) [67]
___ Hi Mike, on 01/24/99(17:46:15) A selective caching for NNTP was supported in DeleGate/5.8.4 (17Dec1998) as a MOUNT option "cache=no". With this option, you can suppress caching for specified server
How can I search the english mailing list?
  02/12-14:31 . 0289 (Yutaka Sato) [46]
___ I found that the archive service via POP is disabled by my mistake about access control of (origin NNTP) DeleGate which had become not appropriate after some version up. So I updated the configurati
Telnet session timeout increase
  02/12-19:54 . 0290  Marc Elsen <> [15]
___ I am using DeleGate 5.8.3 on Linux. How can I increase the session timeout for the PROXY telnet service. Users are now complaining that they are disconnected from their remote sites too soon... Marc
  02/12-20:26 . 0291 (Yutaka Sato) [26]
___ TIMEOUT=io:0 [Manual.txt] Cheers, Yutaka Yutaka Sato <> @ @ Computer Science Division, Electrotechnical Laboratory ( - ) 1-1-4 Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki,
Question about the cache
  02/12-22:04 . 0292  "=?ISO-8859-1?Q?S=F6l=E9tormos_Csaba?=" <> [15]
___ Hi, maybe it's a stupid question: if I browse the /var/spool/delegate/cache/ftp directory the cached files are fully usable( not broken, not truncated, etc...) if I browse the /var/spool/delegate/ca
  02/12-23:06 . 0293 (Yutaka Sato) [36]
___ HTTP-DeleGate caches whole of each HTTP response message in a cache file which consists of message header and body in MIME/RFC822 formart that is compatible with the format of E-mail message (Intern
Newsserver headercount limit?
  02/13-09:44 . 0294  Holger Krull <> [10]
___ I hope i'm not annoying, the port 119 works now, but the server denies to send all headers. There seems to be a limit at 200 headers. Is this an error or a feature? Would be nice if i could retrieve
  02/13-12:54 . 0295 (Yutaka Sato) [20]
___ Thank you for your notice. Limiting the maximum available XOVER range is the feature of DeleGate but applying the limit to this NNTP-DeleGate was my failure. Once this server had been set up as a pu
Y2000 & Security in Delegate 5.8.8
  02/14-01:12 . 0296  Luc Stepniewski <> [27]
___ Hello, I got no answer about my Y2000 question. So I looked by myself in the source. About Y2000, I didn't find anything wrong, well, I'm no expert at finding Y2000 bugs at all :-) Most of year comp
  02/17-23:49 . 0297  KSV <> [2]
Configuration of ICQ UDP-relay ?
  02/18-01:02 . 0298  Lars Holmstrm <> [74]
___ Ok about timing. I still have the problem and can not see any solution. Is anyone actually running ICQ via Delegate ?
Some NNTP bug(?), or ?
  02/19-14:45 . 0299  "=?ISO-8859-1?Q?S=F6l=E9tormos_Csaba?=" <> [21]
___ Hi All, I found the following: my delegated has to 'proxy' 4 nntp servers to our users. Everything works fine, but after a certain time, we get "News server responded: LIST not available temporarily
Question about logs files
  02/19-19:21 . 0300  "=?ISO-8859-2?Q?S=F7ltormos_Csaba?=" <> [20]
___ Hi, I must (have to?) write some scripts for making a summary of our network traffic for my boss:). So I must be sure that the following are right: in the http log (8080.http) the 2nd field after th
Y2K status of Delegate
  02/20-00:38 . 0301 [17]
___ Hi , I need to know whether Delegate is Y2K compliant and if so which version(s). Much less full comittment statements are of course fully welcomed. It's just a matter of knowing whether any concern
External Scripts in delegate ?
  02/23-05:01 . 0302  Thorsten Fenk <> [7]
___ Hi, is there a Way to include own Scripts/Programs in delegate? The "FTOCL" Option somehow doesn't work, and i'm unable to compile the cfi program under Linux (2.0.35 libc 5 gcc regards Tho
SSLWAY difficulties
  02/25-08:13 . 0303  "LAIDMAN,Jeremy" <> [34]
___ I am trying to use SSLWAY as a pure SSL proxy that performs decryption and encryption between both sides: [---] [Client]===>[delegate->sslway ] (https)[ | ] [ |(http) ] [ V ] [ sslway->delegate]===>
Y2K status of Delegate
  02/25-16:50 . 0304  Marc Elsen <> [27]
___ Test , please ignore... 'Love is truth without any future. (M.E. 1997)
Problem with delegate x proxying on X-terminals
  02/25-17:10 . 0305 [26]
___ Version data : PROXY-telnet server DeleGate/5.8.3 on Linux 2.2.0 I am having a problem with the X-proxying functionality of the Delegate PROXY-telnet server. It works fine for normal UNIX workstatio
SSLWAY difficulties
  02/26-14:18 . 0306 (Yutaka Sato) [40]
___ I have never made any example for such usage. The simplest way to do it is applying SSLway for both direction to client and to server in a single DeleGate like this: % delegated -P443 \ SERVER=https
A patch for HTTPS + SSLway (Re: SSLWAY difficulties)
  02/26-15:49 . 0307 (Yutaka Sato) [50]
___ A patch enclosed will make SERVER=https://server be possible. Cheers, Yutaka Yutaka Sato <> @ @ Computer Science Division, Electrotechnical Laboratory ( -
Problem with delegate x proxying on X-terminals
  02/26-16:13 . 0308 (Yutaka Sato) [51]
___ Sorry but I almost forgot about what I did in on-demand X-proxy invoked from Telnet-proxy, because I've not used it practically after I made and tested it. Seeing on-line help, I suppose that you ar
External Scripts in delegate ?
  02/26-16:25 . 0309 (Yutaka Sato) [15]
___ Tell me what kind of Scripts/Programs you are going to include, and what you did to use FTOCL option to see it does not work. Cheers, Yutaka Yutaka Sato <>
SSLWAY difficulties
  02/26-17:00 . 0310  "LAIDMAN,Jeremy" <> [22]
___ Thankyou for your reply. I tried this but it didn't work. I'm testing under Win98. My batch file looks like this: set DGROOT=C:\Progra~1\Delegate set ADMIN=email@address DELEGATED -vd -P443 FSV="%DG
further issues concerning the Delagate X proxy service
  02/26-18:50 . 0311 [13]
___ The remote (Internet application) get's an X IO error to the delegate proxy machine (connection reset by peer). If the whole stuff is tested on an X-terminal. It works fine on the internal net for n
External Scripts in delegate ?
  02/27-09:16 . 0312  Thorsten Fenk <> [21]
___ Yutaka Sato ( wrote : I thought about a kind of extended junkbuster (replacing advertisements in WWW Pages with a text) and some URL rewriting, i.e. <a href="ftp://ftp.sunsite.unc.ed
  02/27-13:16 . 0313 (Yutaka Sato) [35]
___ ^ You need "=" begween FTOCL and "'sed..." because FTOCL is one of DeleGate's "parameter" and any parameter is a pair of name and value with the form "NAME=value". For a little more details about ho
running delegate from inetd - help!
  03/02-14:21 . 0314 (Steve Mane) [15]
___ I'm trying to configure delegate to be run as an http proxy from inetd. Here is the line from inetd.conf: dhttp stream tcp nowait nobody /usr/local/sbin/delegated SERVER=http RELIABLE="10.52.4.[2-9]
  03/02-15:36 . 0315 (Yutaka Sato) [28]
___ on 03/02/99(14:22:10) In inetd.conf, you must give an argument list including the argument 0 for an invoked program (See: % man inetd.conf) Thus your example must be like this: dhttp stream tcp nowa
Urgent: Hot to find payable traffic in the logs?
  03/02-17:36 . 0316  "=?ISO-8859-2?Q?S=F7ltormos_Csaba?=" <> [12]
___ Hi All, I have to write a script which produces a detailed summary of my clients internet activity (via HTTP, FTP, NNTP). The whole thing is almost done, I have only one question: How can I find out
NNTP log question
  03/02-17:39 . 0317  "=?ISO-8859-2?Q?S=F7ltormos_Csaba?=" <> [11]
___ Hi All, The HTTP logfile is clear and simple. I found out that in the FPT log lines containing "XFERLOG' are important But I dont know yet, how to retrieve 'useraddress/newsgroup/downloadedbytes' fr
running delegate from inetd - help!
  03/03-03:01 . 0318  Steve Mane <> [13]
___ Hello and thank you for such a quick reply! I tried entering the line exactly as you have above, and I still get the same error as before. Could there be something else that I'm either doing wrong,
  03/03-07:24 . 0319  Steve Mane <> [19]
___ Hello again, Although I am still having the same problem, I think I've made some progress. It looks like when delegated is activated from inetd it doesn't know what port to put itself on. The reason
  03/03-11:20 . 0320 (Yutaka Sato) [48]
___ What did make the progress? SIGHUP? reboot? It is the normal behaviour of DeleGate. A recent message in this archive "" entitled "Re: invoking DeleGate f
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