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[DeleGate-En] Re:
22 Jan 1999 18:53:00 GMT Hiroshi Ueno 上野博 <>

>>>>> In <199901201641.QAA147218@ibm..> 
>>>>>    <> wrote:

> This appears to verify a problem with sockets being left in an state that
> prevents reuse without shutting the system down.  Please see if you can
> recreate this on your system with TCP/IP 4.1 at the latest level and
> correct this condition.  It is not acceptable to need to shut the server
> down any time DeleGate needs to be restarted.

I tried TCP/IP v4.1+DeleGate combination on my Warp4 machine but I
could not recreate the problem. That is mainly because, on my
machine, any socket was not beeing left in used state. Netstat -l
command listed no sockets after terminating delegated.exe.

However, my understanding is that delegated issues setsockopt()
for every socket to set SO_REUSEADDR in order for that socket to
reuse the local port addresses. Sato-san, is this correct?

As you mentioned in your earlier message, GoServ had a similar
problem on Warp Server. If we would be educated what the auther of
GoServ did to solve his/her problem, we too will be able to solve
our problem in the same manner.

> Please look at DELEGATE.CMD to see how I invoked delegated.exe and where
> the contents of NETSTAT.BEG and NETSTAT.END came from.  The file
> INETVER.TXT captures the output of INETVER and verifies that the latest
> release of the TCP/IP 4.1 stack is running.

By the way, can you please run the small program in the attached
archive,, and tell me what that proram says?  The
program, testfh.exe, checks the maximun number of file
handles. This will help me to deltermine the cause of your
original delegate crush problem.

Hiro Ueno

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