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[DeleGate-En] Help: I need correct parameters for DeleGate
30 Jun 2003 13:46:46 GMT "Holger Schentke" <>

Hello delegate-experts,

thank you for your very good Reference Manual of DeleGate 8.5
But it doesn't help in my case.

I'm using DeleGate 7.9.5 on Windows2000.
It works fine, but I need a parameter to enable encoding from proxy to server.
You wrote in the manual on page 39 something about HTTPCONF.
It seems so that this is the parameter I do need.
So I added the parameter "HTTPCONF=acc-encoding:-thrugzip" to the service in the
We are using the following parameters:

AppParameters (REG_SZ)
ADMIN="" SERVER=http -vv -P8082 MOUNT="/**" DGROOT="c:\SSLWPS" FSV="sslway -cert
WPSZertifikat.pem -pass pass:WPSZertifikat" SSLTUNNEL= HTTPCONF=acc-encoding:-thrugzip

But this configuration doesn't work.
It produces the following error "FATAL! No DGROOT!" when starting the service.
So I deleted the parameter "HTTPCONF=acc-encoding:-thrugzip" and the proxy works

Can you tell me the correct parameter for DeleGate 7.9.5 to enable encoding with
When the parameter is different to DeleGate 8.5 please give me this parameter


Holger Schentke

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