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[DeleGate-En] Delegate SMTP filter question
25 Jun 2003 21:15:09 GMT "Gimenez Molinelli Federico" <>

Hi, I've found Delegate on the web looking for a Windows SMTP proxy that could feed a message (with headers) to an external program, read that program's output and send that output to another SMTP server.

The idea is this:

[Internet]-->[Delegate_smtp_gw]-->[Std input of spamassasin / std output of spamassasin]-->[Delegate_smtp_gw]-->[My_internal_smtp_server]

Delegate should get all incomming smtp, check de destination domain, pass the whole message (incl. headers) to the Std Input of spamassasin.exe, read the Std Output of spamassasin.exe and send that to my internal SMTP server.

Is that possible with delegate ???
I'm asking this because the manual isn't clear enough.
If it's not possible with delegate, do you know any free windows smtp proxy capablo of this ???

Thanks in advance.


Federico T. Gimenez Molinelli

IT Support

 Soluciones Informáticas Integrales S. A.

TE: 5235-1000 Fax: 5235-1001



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