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[DeleGate-En] Delegate and Reloading Problem
17 Jan 1999 16:15:20 GMT "John Varan" <>

In message <> on 01/17/99(14:18:04)
you John <varan@symbio..> wrote:
 |Here is my setup:
 |Netscape Client <---port 80---> Delegate <---port 8080---> web server
 |Loading pages works.
 |However, my problem is with Reloading web pages in the Netscape 
 |After pressing the reload button, Netscape returns the following 
 |304 Not modified
 |The document has not been modified, you can use your local copy.
 |The page then does not get reloaded.
 |I am wondering if there is a setting in Delegate to fix this problem.
 |This error occurs with the Netscape internal cache turned on but not
 |when it is off.
 |I would very much like to use the Netscape cache.

Would you mind sending your question to ?
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