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[DeleGate-En] auth-tls ftp/ssl
27 May 2003 23:05:37 GMT "Bryan Dees" <>
Airborne Express


Once again I turn to your application in an attempt to proxy remote FTP
AUTH/TLS users to my TLS FTP/SSL server. 

I can get the proxy to work by just typing: delegated on the proxy
server, then fill out the configuration prompts. Thats a no brainer..
But, this unfortunately opens up a huge hole in our security. 

What I want to do is automatically connect the remote user to the TLS
FTP server so that they cant go anywhere else. We discussed various CMAP
parameters a couple of years ago, but they never worked fully.

I'd prefer for the user to be authenticated at the destination TLS FTP
server instead of creating a new cert/key on the Delegate server. It
looks like this works when using the default command only. But I cant
get it to work with the CMAP params. 

Can you provide me with the correct CMAP parameters in order to connect
a remote user to a TLS FTP/S server?


Bryan Dees

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