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[DeleGate-En] Re: filter into cgi file
07 May 2003 13:54:31 GMT "Carl A. Schreiber" <>

Mr. satio, 

I'm sorry but now I'm mixed up and confused.
My situation:
A remote data server is contacted at a port 2186 and sends data to a local 
client through DeleGate-Proxy-Server.
Now my perl program should 'filter' these data and send them by a socket 
connection to another computer. Problems: Which of those must I take (who is srcHostList and 
Who is meant by Server (FFROMSV, FTOSV):  
	DeleGate (the Proxy-server) or the remote data-Server. 
FFROMCL (= From Client):
	does this mean sended from Client to the remote data-Server
I want to apply my cgi-prg to what is comming from the remote 
Server(port:2186) to Delegate. Does Delegate can know this?
Or (alternatively) the data that were meant for the (socks)client.
I started delegated -P10.10.10.1:1080 SERVER=socks
Is now the port of FTOCL = 1080 (from Delegate) or 2186 (remote Server)?

Thanks for your effort,

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