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[DeleGate-En] Delegate: Firewall-config + Proxy config
06 May 2003 11:33:47 GMT Gooly <>

Thanks for the reply, for some reasons gcc wasn't installed - done. 
Now it worked and I face the next (much bigger problem) - may I ask for some 
more help.

Beside normal use of the internet form my local LAN, I want to get the data of 
an exchange-quotes provider (eSignal) on a Windows pc behind my Linux 
firewall (currently set to masquerade):
  eSignal.Server ( <-->
     firewall  <--> DeleGate ( <-->
        eSignal.Client (

The eSignal-software works with some Windows-proxy-Server (Netscape Proxy, 
Microsoft Proxy 2.0 and WinGate), with some it doesn't.
The requirements for the socksified proxy server are as follows:
1.) " the client and server use both the "query-response" type and 
active/streaming technology (TCP). "
2.) "up to 6 outgoing ports: 2189, .. 2196"
3.) "  Please note: eSignal applications do not support authentication queries 
from the firewall/proxy server. It is strongly recommended that you use IP 
authentication instead of user authentication; otherwise, the eSignal 
application program on the client machine will not be able to access its 
Internet servers. ".

Do I have to set your AUTH variable or can I just leave the default?

Would you be able to give an example of how to configure the firewall to 
connect to DeleGate? 

Thanks for all your effort.
I think it'll help me a lot,

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