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[DeleGate-En] Re:
15 Jan 1999 10:18:22 GMT Hiroshi Ueno 上野博 <>

>>>>> In <199901142148.VAA242032@ibm..> 
>>>>>    <> wrote:

> The server works, but I was wonderind about some of the results of
> operating the server.  I ran the server for a while and then used
> "delegate -P8070 -Fkill DGROOT=." to shut it down at that point.  I was
> surprised that I needed to include the DGROOT to get the command to work.

> The file NETSTAT.TXT in the delegate directory shows the output of the
> NETSTAT -L command after I successfully terminated the server. This shows
> over 30 sockets still open and being "listened" to even after the server
> has been cleanly shut down.  I would expect this to yield problems after
> the server has been running long enough.

Have you already applied the latest fixes for TCP/IP v4.1? If not,
get it from

and try it. I am using TCP/IP v3.1 and v4.0 with the latest fixes
and I have not experienced the problem. I saw the similar problem
with TCP/IP v2.0 on Warp 3. That's the reason why I mentioned in
readme.os2 that TCP/IP v3.0 or later is required. I have Warp 4
client with TCP/IP v4.1 plus latest fixes at my office, so I can
check if the same problem will take place on my system next

Another useful check is starting and killing other types of
delegated proxy service and see what happens. Since http proxy
service involves 2 delegated process, proxy itself and its
proviate master delegated, checking with ftp or telnet proxy,
which is a single process type service, 

Anyway, I am glad to hear that a delegated on your PC started

> There seems to be a quite varied and involved file and directory structure
> involved with the server.  Is this as intended, or am I missing or
> incorrectly specifying any parameters?  I am especially puzzled by the
> "%2E" subdirectory of delegate.

Delegated creates and maintains many directories and files at run
time. However, you'd better to use DGROOT=/os2/delegate instead of
DGROOT=. as Sato-san recommended. %2E is a URL representation of
`.' so there seems to be a problem in running delegated with `.'
directory as its DeleGate root.

> With this DELEGATE.CMD file I set up an HTTP proxy server.  If I wish to
> set up additional proxy service, such as FTP or TELNET, can I specify
> additional -Pxxxx and SERVER= entries on the command line or do I need to
> start additional instances of delegate for each server I wish to operate?
> I am ultimately looking to provide proxy service for all common services
> (http, ftp, telnet, tn3270, smtp, pop3, nntp, etc.) in association with
> the firewall available with the TCP/IP 4.1 package.

You need one dedicated delegated process for each service. 

Hiro Ueno

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