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[DeleGate-En] stupid and newbie question
30 Apr 2003 06:12:44 GMT "RAAD, Umar" <>

Hello everyone

I just downloaded the last binary (8.5.3) for W32 and tried to make it
run in my network...

I copied the executable file to c:\ and renamed the file to de.exe (I
like short names ;-)  )

I started the program with the command : dg -P8080 SERVER=http  (Taken
from the manual)

And I configured another PC (IE6) in my network to use the proxy and
tested it.

The result is that I receive immediately a message telling me that the
webpage is actually not reachable (translated from French (I hope ;-)

I don't know what could be wrong (there is not a lot I could do
Could you please help me???

If someone could give a short explanation on what he did (Installation
and config) this could be very helpful.

Thank you for your help and sorry for my English.


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