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[DeleGate-En] Re: Configuring POP/SMTP protocol
19 Apr 2003 12:31:24 GMT "Didier Hung" <>

Hi everyone...

Rajeev have you been able to know how to make outlook express work with
deleGate as a sock server?

I've also been trying to make it work but no luck. I may be missing some
points about how DeleGate or a circuit-proxy level in general works...

after having launched DeleGate

delegated -Phostname:1080 SERVER=sock.

delegate -Phostname:8080 SERVER=http  -- is working fine

outlook express still does not work even when making Internet explorer
connection settings use my sock server ipaddress with port 1080

I there a need for a sock client?

Kind Regards,
Didier Hung

"Rajeev Srivastava" <> wrote in message
> Dear Mr Yutaka
> We have Linux box as gateway server and delegate 8.5.2 proxy server is
> running on it. We want to configue for pop3/smtp protocol so that any
> outlook express clients can download emails on workstation from any pop
> mail server.
> I tried lot but still its not working. Please help me.
> Thanks
> R Srivastava
> Lecturer in IT
> Royal Bhutan Institute of Technology
> Phuentsholing
> Tel: 253812 (O)/ 253877(R)
> email:
> ____________________________________________
> Free E-mail Servers with unlimited mailboxes
> 1st Class Internet Solutions

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