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[DeleGate-En] Tunnel through SSH without using "local socket connection" on the unix host?
08 Apr 2003 19:08:39 GMT Yuhui Huang <>

Hi, Yutaka

First thanks for making such a wonderful tool. It can really come in handy.

I got a question here. I want to setup a tunnel through an SSH
connection. It worked. (Meaning I get the whole process right).

Now I'm facing a harder situation. One of my accounts is restricted. I
can remote login to that machine and make outgoing connections, but I
can't listen on any tcp port. (It doesn't support SSH port forwarding

I'm not sure about how DeleGate works on the remote side of the tunnel.
Here's what I guess. On the server, delegated forked a copy and
communicate with that copy through a TCP connection. This TCP connection
doesn't work for me.

                    *Here's the problem->|TCP
localhost-------->ssh tunnel-------->delegated

Since I can make outgoing connections on that host, theoretically there
should be a way to tunnel that through ssh connection. Is that possible
with DeleGate? I haven't tried sockmux, but I suspect same thing (fork
and comm. through TCP) will happen.



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