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[DeleGate-En] RE : [DeleGate-En] How can I not log some objects of specific extension?
08 Apr 2003 15:21:37 GMT <>

> Now I generalized NOLOGTYPE to NOLOG like the enclosed patch. With it,
you can specify  the type of response by response code or content type
like this:.
>  CMAP="302,304,image/*,video/*:NOLOG:*:*:*"

It's working!!! But I suggest that rcode and ctype should be treated in
(ex: 304/image/* or */image/*) because if we don't want to log something
specific, we don't want to not log something else... With your solution,
it did that but also all objects with rcode of 302 or 304!

In other words, is it possible to do a list of logical AND with rcode
and ctype? (with possible * for rcode or ctype)


Benoit Jette  E-mail: Benoit.Jette@UMontreal..CA

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