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[DeleGate-En] Re:
14 Jan 1999 17:58:38 GMT Hiroshi Ueno 上野博 <>

>>>>> In <199901132154.VAA222632@ibm..> 
>>>>>    <> wrote:

> Attached please find DGOS2LOG.ZIP which contains the entire delegate file
> tree after running delegate.cmd.  I ran this in the delegate directory and
> the .cmd redirects stdout and stderr to files for your convenience.

The log file has the line like below;

   01/13 08:34:05.97 [73] 0+0: TMPFILE: cannot create (24) = ./tmp/dg73.2.916216445

(24) is an error number meaning `Too many open files'. Really
odd. This is my first to time to see this error with
DeleGate. Only reason I can think of is that Warp server allows
much smaller number of files to be opened at the same time than
Warp 4 client which I, and DeleGate users around me, are using.

Believing the error number, I added the code to the delegated
which increases the maximum number of open file for the process.

Please download from my page again and try
the delegated.exe in it. Let me know the result of new binary.

Hiro Ueno

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