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[DeleGate-En] Delegate
10 Aug 1998 16:06:20 GMT "Soenke J. Peters" <>
Soenke J. Peters' private site


I mailed the following to Yutaka Sato before, but he asked me to post
this to the english list again:

Could it be possible to make also patches ("diff -urN") available?
It takes a quite long time to get the whole package everytime a new
release comes out.

The famous Freshmeat News at try to keep a list
of software available for Linux systems and announce new releases. It
would be fine if the authors of delegate would use this service.

A really useful extension for those who have to go through caching
for accessing ftp servers (e.g. if their provider does transparent
proxying of port 21) would be the possibility of doing a http -> ftp
conversion, because any known ftp cache (e.g. "squid") only understands
http. This way the ftp software does not have to 'know' how to talk to

  ____           Soenke Jan  Peters
 |_  _|           Hamburg, Germany                   PGP on request,
 ._||         <>            Subject: getpgpkey
               No solicitations!

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