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NNTP Question
  03/21-08:03 . 2180  "Michael J. Mulcahy" <> [53]
___ Ok let me try again here... My news feed provider only lets me connect from a certain set of IP addresses. My Delegate server runs on one of these IP address (x.x.x.15). My end users receive IP addr
Support for ftp ACCT
  03/25-17:54 . 2181  Niels Ull Harremoes <> [24]
___ I would like to connect to a mainframe ftp server, which requires me to log in with username, password *and* account (ACCT). I am trying to connect from an integration product, which does not know a
How can I not log some objects of specific extension?
  03/25-23:18 . 2182  <> [66]
___ Do this should work even if in reverse HTTP PROXY mode? It doesn't seem to work... If it's working, do this functionnality will be included in futur release of delegate? BJ ___ Benoit Jette E-mail:
Support for ftp ACCT
  03/28-04:35 . 2183 (Yutaka Sato) [205]
___ It was not possible, but should be supported. The enclosed patch will enable encoding account-name in user-name like "user-name/account-name". When a patched DeleGate receives following command sequ
How can I not log some objects of specific extension?
  03/28-10:54 . 2184 (Yutaka Sato) [17]
___ I think the patch will work in any case. Could you show me your configuration where the access log is not disabled? Possibly I'm not sure what do you mean by "reverse HTTP PROXY mode". Cheers, Yutak
NNTP Question
  03/28-11:06 . 2185 (Yutaka Sato) [34]
___ Then what will happen next? What did you see in your LOGFILE or in error message or so? DeleGate, as it is an application level proxy, inherently CANNOT pass the client's IP address to the server. F
How can I not log some objects of specific extension?
  03/28-23:12 . 2186  <> [66]
___ Here's the configuration of the site that doesn't seem to disable logging of image: SERVER=http CMAP="image/*:NOLOGCTYPE:*:*:*" MOUNT="/-/builtin/* /builtin/*" MOUNT="/** vh
NNTP Proxy Authentication
  03/30-21:35 . 2188  "Phillip Baker" <> [20]
___ Hi, Your NNTP component of delegate works great - excellent stuff, and just what I needed. However, I do need to try to lock down the access to the proxy, or before I know it, everyone will be using
SV: [DeleGate-En] Support for ftp ACCT
  03/31-16:23 . 2189  Niels Ull Harremoes <> [231]
___ Thanks a lot! We'll give it a try. Regards Niels Harremos ---Oprindelig meddelelse--- Fra: [] Sendt: 27. marts 2003 20:41 Til:
Pb with delegate & sslway
  03/31-21:20 . 2190  Florent Coste <> [65]
___ Hello, with delegate.exe -v -P8888 SERVER=http FSV=sslway MOUNT="/* https://server/*" ADMIN="xx@yy.." It worked with some version of Apache + OpenSSL, but with the following combination it does not
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