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[DeleGate-En] Ver 8.4.0: Problem with http-proxy: using MYAUTH and ssl
19 Feb 2003 15:03:40 GMT "Daniel =?iso-8859-1?Q?Erd=F6s?=" <>

>In message <_A2129@delegate-en.ML_> on 02/19/03(00:16:56)
>you "Daniel =?iso-8859-1?Q?Erd=F6s?=" <> wrote:
>You should specify the protocol name (http-proxy in this case) to which
>the MYAUTH is used like
>  MYAUTH=user:password:http-proxy
>otherwise Authorization will be generated and sent to the origin server
>together with the Proxy-Authorization to the proxy server.

OK I see.

> |But unfortunately this fails with https/ssl. In this case it seems that delegate does not transfer the >username/password.
>Referring MYAUTH on relaying CONNECT method has not been implemented.
>It will be done by the modification to http.c like the enclosed patch.
> |Using SSLTUNNEL instead of PROXY leads to the same negative result. Here is my configuration string:
> |dg8_3_3.exe ADMIN=admin -P8080 SERVER=http SSLTUNNEL=nextproxy:8080 MYAUTH=user:password
>It will be done by the modification to master.c like the enclosed patch.

Thank you very much. I tried the new delegate8.4.0 that already includes these patches:

+ authentiation: enabled proxy-authentication with MYAUTH for SSLTUNNEL
+ authentiation: enebled proxy-authentication with MYAUTH for CONNECT to PROXY

"MYAUTH for CONNECT to PROXY" now works fine. But I still have problems with SSLTUNNEL. I traced the session on the network and it seems to me that delegate ignores the command SSLTUNNEL=myproxy instead of it tries to connect directly to the server.
This is my command:
./delegated -P8081 SERVER=http SSLTUNNEL=myproxy:8080 PERMIT="*:*:myhost" MYAUTH=user:password:http-proxy

Even if I connected to a next hop proxy that do not need to authenticate it seems that using SSLTUNNEL is being ignored and fails:
./delegated -P8081 SERVER=http SSLTUNNEL=myproxy:8080 PERMIT="*:*:myhost"

I tested on Linux (RedHat 7.1). I hope you can help.



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