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[DeleGate-En] Problem with http-proxy: using MYAUTH and ssl
18 Feb 2003 15:17:21 GMT "Daniel =?iso-8859-1?Q?Erd=F6s?=" <>

We have a http proxy (squid) that is configured to require proxy authentication with username and password. Because we want to use applications that cannot do proxy authentication we would like to place a delegate http (ssl) proxy "in front of it" so that delegate can do this authentification with one specially configured user and password instead of the applications.

For http this works fine with the option MYAUTH:
dg8_3_3.exe ADMIN=admin -P8080 SERVER=http PROXY=nextproxy:8080 MYAUTH=user:password

But unfortunately this fails with https/ssl. In this case it seems that delegate does not transfer the username/password. Using SSLTUNNEL instead of PROXY leads to the same negative result. Here is my configuration string:
dg8_3_3.exe ADMIN=admin -P8080 SERVER=http SSLTUNNEL=nextproxy:8080 MYAUTH=user:password

Are there any wizards who can help?

THX in advance


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